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Research of organic glass surface material.

Adding organic solvent in order to make the reaction product is evenly dispersed in the coating, research progress on PMMA abrasion-resistant coating is easy to flow, and the organic glass surface with certain / solution 0, beneficial to improve adhesion.Commonly used organic solvent is ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, propanol, butanol and.Hydrolysis catalyst for acid catalysts, such as dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid, can also be employed in organic acids such as acetic acid.Condensation catalyst for alkaline substances, such as caustic soda, caustic soda, sodium acetate, is also reported by acetylcholine.

The polysiloxane coating commonly used additives mainly has 2 kinds: one kind is to further improve the wear resistance, such as colloidal silica, colloidal antimony oxide, with colloidal silica is most commonly used, generally solid content below 30%, the colloidal particle size below 200nm; another kind is to increase the coating uv capacity, varieties colloidal titania, colloidal ceria, most commonly used in colloidal titania.Sometimes the two common use, can make the coating strength and anti ultraviolet performance have been improved.But as a result of the two auxiliary solidified inorganic network structure, and organic glass adhesion as organosiloxane, therefore generally should not add too much.If you want to increase the proportion of inorganic network structure, generally require a substrate coating processing.In addition, in order to enhance the coating of other functions, such as coloring property, antistatic property, also can be added to the quaternary ammonium salt type material, such as three ethyl allyl bromide.

Since ultraviolet device is inexpensive, therefore uses the ultraviolet curing way, using the photosensitive initiator to initiate free radical polymerization.Common photosensitive initiator benzoin ethers, two benzene ketones, the general added in the ratio of polymer content of 1% 5%. due to polymerization of the monomer is easily affected by the oxygen in the air is affected by the polymerization phenomena, so it is best in nitrogen or other inert atmosphere.

To further enhance the polyfunctional acrylate coating wear resistance, can be used in the coating 1 to introduce a polysiloxane or colloidal silica structure, generally using containing vinyl group silicone hydrolytic polycondensation or colloidal silica is hydrolysis condensation products.As a result of the vinyl group silicone acrylate functionalities copolymerized with occurrence, therefore to form the coating uniformity and film forming properties better, formed in the coating hardness is increased.

Conclusion through the development of nearly half century, organic glass coating in the United States, Japan and European countries have been widely used, polysiloxane and polyfunctional acrylate two route is already mature and combined with each other to the composite function of direction, such as wear-resistant and Gu conductive, antireflection and UV protection, anti-static.At the same time the new routes, new technology also is in ceaseless development, polyurethane coating because of its unique flexibility will occupy a space for one person in the field, plasma chemical vapor deposition coating technology as a new technology, can be a variety of functional coating combination, development space is vast, but to achieve large size and irregular shaped parts coating uniformity sex, reduce cost, still have many difficulties to overcome.

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