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Which industries need acrylic

In daily life, we all use acrylic products, but what are the specific aspects? There are some places that people have not noticed.

Acrylic Stationery Gifts

Office stationery, educational supplies, business card/Memo holder (clip), pen holder (holder), tape table, general gifts, artwork, designer boutique, photo frame, medal (cup), laser engraving, clock, key ring.

Acrylic kitchenware bathroom houseware

Kitchenware, tableware/cupware, bathroom, bathtub, shower door, SPA, household sink, tray, candy biscuit box, wine rack, ice bucket, egg rack, cosmetics container, coaster, CD rack, tissue paper box, storage Boxes, mirrors, designer boutiques.

Acrylic confession revealed

signs, light boxes, neon lights, mirrors, architectural models, reveals, reveal shelves (cabinet), signboards, hangers, markers.

Acrylic products can be seen everywhere in life. New environmentally friendly acrylic is slowly replacing traditional materials, serving people better and making life more comfortable.

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