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Six advantages of HongDa

01, customized processing

According to customer needs, we can design and process acrylic sheets that meet customer needs, with quick drawing and proofing. Product design package customer satisfaction.

02, factory advantage

9800 square meters workshop, with 3 production lines of special art acrylic sheet, to meet the needs of mass customization production.

03,Quality service

Many salespersons with strong professional knowledge will serve you-right. Online 24 hours a day, answer your production needs at any time, and answer your questions for free.

04,Excellent professional

16 years of professional production of special art acrylic, after more than ten years of development, it has become a well-known professional manufacturer integrating development, production and sales in China.

05, complete variety

The company's acrylic styles are diverse and complete, providing customers with a variety of choices to meet the use of acrylic in various scenarios.

06, strict quality inspection

Each process of acrylic production has special quality inspections, and the company has an independent quality inspection department to strictly control the quality of products.

Investment Requirements

01 / Acknowledge and accept Hongda's business philosophy, culture and management

02 / Rich industry customer resources and good market reputation

03 / Have certain financial strength and brand management ideas

04 / Regularly receive relevant training and assessment organized by Hongda Company

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