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What is the process of acrylic products processing cooperation?

Hello everyone, I am the editor, today I will introduce to you the cooperation process of Hongda acrylic products processing.

1. Do not remove the protective film before using the board, because the daily dust and dirt will stick to the surface of the board due to static electricity. The protective film also protects the board from abrasion and scratches.

2. Avoid warping. Plates should be naturally stored flat. For vertical storage, store the plates at a small angle and place supports underneath.

3. Store the boards at room temperature and in a ventilated and dry environment. It is not advisable to expose the boards to sunlight, heat or moisture.

In terms of Fonta Acrylic customization process, drawing, mold making and so on. The process of mass production of these Jiangxiakeli products cannot be reduced or exempted during sample proofing. But because there is no large quantity of goods to share these costs, the price of proofing will be higher than the unit price of the product.

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