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It turns out that these are the advantages of acrylic

Acrylic, as a polymer material, has begun to be favored by many industries. Acrylic is no longer a mysterious existence. Its emergence also allows many businesses to see new business opportunities. The use of acrylic can produce a lot of furniture, and it can also be used. It makes all kinds of advertising light boxes. When decorating, you can also use acrylic material to decorate the house design. Acrylic is present in many places, which is also inseparable from the advantages of acrylic itself.

1. High light transmittance: Acrylic has crystal-like transparency and a light transmittance of up to 92%, which makes this material extremely strong in light penetration. With soft light and clear vision, acrylic is also used as raw material in the production of many advertising light boxes.

2. Processing performance: The processing performance of acrylic sheet is very strong. It can be processed by thermoforming or mechanical processing, and the acrylic sheet can be processed into different shapes according to your requirements.

3. Good sprayability: Appropriate printing and spraying techniques can be used on the acrylic panel to make the color of the panel more diversified and achieve a more ideal decorative effect. We have seen many acrylic products with different colors, which are With this advantage, the color will never fade.

4. Safety: Acrylic has a light transmittance comparable to glass, but its density is only half that of glass. The important thing is that it will not break as easily as glass. Even if it is broken, it will not produce many fragments. In short, it is a very safe material.

5. High gloss: Acrylic sheet has a lot of weather resistance, surface hardness and gloss are high, and it has better high temperature performance.

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