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Identification of acrylic sheet

Look: mainly for transparent boards and whiteboards, to see whether the thickness of the surface is yellow, to see the overall color difference, whether the color is uniform is also one of the criteria for judging whether the acrylic is good or bad;

Quantity: Whether the indicated thickness of the acrylic panel is consistent with the actual thickness;

smell: Whether there is a pungent smell during the cutting process;

Fire: look at the color of the main flame, look at the bubbles, impurities and the length of the wire after the fire is extinguished;

Friction: The high-quality acrylic material feels round and smooth, and does not contain stains or fingerprints;

Cigarette burning method: use a whole cigarette, ignite it, put it on the surface of the two face materials, let it ignite spontaneously, remove the cigarette after three minutes, the surface of the unsaturated resin face material has a darker yellow mark, wipe it with wet paper Afterwards, the imprint is difficult to remove, but the yellow imprint of acrylic solid surface material is very light. After wiping with wet paper, the trace can be eliminated immediately or become very shallow. The number of wiping and the degree of difficulty can determine the performance of the surface material to a certain extent. Good or bad

Paste identification method: good acrylic materials can be separated after they are baked soft, but it is difficult to separate the poor materials after they are baked soft;

Thickness identification method: Thickness is a rigid standard for acrylic load-bearing range. 8~12 cm is a common thickness. If the thickness is insufficient, the material will be cut corners even if it is good;

Light transmission identification method: The light emitted by good acrylic sheets is very pure white, and will not turn yellow or blue. Of course, the light should be white. Poor acrylic materials are more brittle and will fade quickly after wind and sun. , Lose the original luster;

Rubber edge identification method: Generally good acrylic sheets have soft rubber edges when they leave the factory;

Hot oil method: Heat the oil to 200 degrees, pour the hot oil into a metal container, and immediately place it on the surface of the sheet. After the water is cooled, there will be no concave marks on the surface of the acrylic solid surface;

Coke soaking method: Put the acrylic material in the Coke, take it out after half an hour, dry it with paper, there will be no obvious changes on the surface of the acrylic solid surface, otherwise it may not be a good acrylic board;

Solvent method: Put it in a cup with acetone and take it out after 24 hours. While the acrylic solid surface material swells, it can be observed that the soaked part is relatively loose. If it is made of other materials, such as unsaturated resin, it will only swell.

The easiest way to identify the quality of acrylic sheet is to bend the sheet by hand. The tougher the sheet, the better. Hold a different sheet in both hands and throw it flat on the ground at a height of about 50cm from the ground to listen to the sound. The sound of the sheet is relatively clear. Plates with impure, low-sounding sound are relatively better; or when cutting plates, plates with large smoke and strong flavor are worse than those with small smoke and tasteless.

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